Mon. Nov 19th, 2018

Solo Parent: What’s stopping you from getting a loan?

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Solo parents raising their kids without financial support from a former spouse is indeed heart-rending. After working from 9-5 hour job, you have to take care of your kids as soon as you get home, only to find out that there are miscellaneous fees at their school that you have to pay.

The worst feeling that you can ever get as a solo parent would be, knowing that you don’t have enough money to sustain the needs of your kids at school, and cannot even stroll at the mall with them during weekends. The only solution to your financial needs is to apply for a loan.

Do the following reasons stop you from getting a personal loan?

  1. Feeble-minded officemates

Are you afraid that you might be the topic for the entire week of your officemates? Fret not!

As per the moneylender’s requirements, you have to provide proof of income and certificate of employment.

In this case, you only have to approach the accountant and HR manager at your office, when applying for a personal loan to get these documents.

  1. Toxic extended family members

If you get used living a life based on the approval of others, you really need to stop it. You are a strong person and you do not need the approval of your extended family members when all this time, a personal loan is all you need.

In the first place, your kids’ academic performance, as well as emotional status, will be affected if you will not be able to pay the bills at their school.

  1. Unpaid previous bank loan

It’s not advisable to prolong the unsettled payments from your bank loan a year ago. If you want to live a life without frustrations and regrets, settle your payment on time. Leaving unpaid bank loan behind, leaves you a bad credit score. The 80% of private moneylenders will not approve your personal loan application if you have a bad credit score.

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